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HireMarket is a unique new marketplace that flips the traditional professional-client marketplace model on its head, benefitting both the best professionals and their clients. Instead of professionals bidding low to win work on low-skilled projects, HireMarket allows anybody to bid on the available time of anybody else, including highly skilled professionals. Welcome to the only true on-demand marketplace for talent.

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Businesses and consumers: Hire talented professionals, on demand

In need of a consultant, software developer, lawyer, accountant, contractor, or any other type of professional? Bid on the available time of the best local and remote professionals.

Professionals: Auction off your free time

Auction off your free time (whether a few hours on nights and weekends or more) so that new (and existing) clients can compete to bid for your time. While you earn extra money.

"At HireMarket, we believe talented professionals are not fungible."

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Anybody can use our new marketplace to auction off your extra time for money.